The Morning Shift® Experience

Ready to create a potent experience for your people?

Our signature One-Day event is a cohesive Well-being experience that will leave your people not only feeling inspired but also gaining the necessary tools to take their personal growth, wellbeing–and mornings to the next level.

Have long-term goals for the wellbeing of your people? We can help with that too!

Here is the day at-a-glance:



The Keynote

Inspire wellbeing + change!

Each event kicks off with our Founder, Tiffany Lanier, who is a powerful and dynamic keynote speaker. The Morning Shift Keynote will inspire the audience to go on a journey of reimagination.  From reimagining the power of change every time they open their eyes to redefining morning routines + rituals that will not only cultivate new habits for personal wellbeing but holds the possibility of collective wellbeing in the process. Through powerful story-telling and science-backed tools, Tiffany’s self-reflective approach will guide your audience to re-discover who they are in this moment and challenge them to show up as the fullest version of themselves for their well-being, work and the world!

Duration: Customized 60-90 min 



Morning Space™

Morning Space™ is a powerfully curated experience to help attendees feel grounded and inspired to start the day. Through our signature Morning Shift Session (MSS) we aim to amplify their self awareness, discovery, connectivity and care.

Most sessions include:
Interaction in small groups And other activities

Each session is led by our lead-facilitators or a Special Guest upon request.

*Activities are customized specifically to each group



Morning Mapping™

Ready to put The Morning Shift philosophy into action?

When we’re on a quest for personal and professional change, we have to remember all great quests need a map! 

During our interactive Morning Mapping™ course, attendees will put their pen to paper and develop a personalized strategy for creating and navigating change while honoring their well-being in the process. 

Morning Mapping™ is a proprietary holistic framework for crafting life-altering morning routines + rituals.

Shifts about to go Down!

In addition to our outlined programming we’ll bring down the house with our very own DJ and VIP swag bags for all attendees. 

What’s in the swag bag you ask? Book a call and we’ll happily share all the details.

We can’t wait to bring The Morning Shift® Experience to your organization.