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A Moment to Breathe

Before you continue, take a BIG DEEP BREATH. Right here, right now.


And just like that you took a moment to breathe

We see you running around non-stop.
Letting all the aspects of life keep you from breathing in deeply and fully to remind yourself of who you are.

But it’s ok. It happens to the best of us.
We’re here to help.
Let us give you a moment of reprieve.

‘A Moment to Breathe’ is a Monthly themed guide delivered right to your inbox on the last Sunday of each month. We’ll provide Insight and inspiration to help you navigate through your day to day happenings and deep seasons of change. Our mission is to give you a simple yet potent resource so you can honor your well-being in the midst of all the things.

“I never fail to be inspired by the centering thought of the day and the insights that blossom from Tiffany. Join The Morning Shift to kick-start a practice or enrich one that you already have!"
- Glo S.

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–A Mixed Media guide for reflection, grounding + future-casting.
–Mindful lessons, journaling prompts, and color pages for connection and expression
–Breathwork, Meditation, and Movement exercises to release and rejuvenate.
–Tools and suggestions for better morning routines and rituals for the month ahead
–Subscriber only access to special classes + resources throughout the year
–Early-bird announcements and discounts to any group programs, workshops, retreats, and new products we have available.

For only $7/ mo or less, go ahead and subscribe! This is less than your caramel macchiato with the double shot of whatever it is you usually get ! And we know you get those a couple times week :: slow blinks::


This guide is your monthly getaway to be, breathe, and become. Join us.

Can’t wait for you to get your first guide! See you inside.