It’s Time To Shift Your Mornings

Well actually–let’s just go ahead and shift your life, leadership and work in the process.

Mornings set the intention for not only how we’ll live the upcoming day, but how we’ll live the rest of our lives.

We are on a mission to work with Forward-thinking organizational leaders and their teams to close the well-being and work gap through intentional mornings + well-being experiences.

We offer two one-of-a-kind programs for optimal well-being: The Morning Shift® Experience–our signature Well-being Day and our Morning Masters Membership and Coaching program, a uniquely crafted 12 month program to promote long-term well-being, change, and growth after the event.

Our Signature Well-being Day

The Morning Shift® Experience will recalibrate the life, leadership, and work of your people.  

In this immersive and interactive day-long event, we focus on upping your well-being game through understanding the power of intentional morning routines and rituals based on our proprietary 3D framework for deliberate change. 

Why this event? Outside of it being a fun, satisfying and gratifying day with wellness and well-being at the forefront— it’s Simple: You want your people well. Well people, lead well. Well Leaders create well environments. And well environments create a ripple effect of positive change that supports all areas of life, leadership and work.

How we run it: Our well-being day covers the bases with Inspiration, Immersion, and Implementation. 

Our Founders Keynote will inspire. Our Morning Space™ will provide an immersive experience to help you tune into your well-being and tune-up your vision and purpose. And we don’t stop there! What is good information without implementation? Our Morning Mapping Method™ will help you craft your own unique morning routine and ritual to initiate change in life, work and dare we say it—the world!

Oh and did we mention swag?! Yes, the kind you won’t throw away. Click the button for all the details.

Morning Masters™ Membership and Coaching Program

The Morning Shift® Experience ignites the spark for change and the Morning Masters™ Program builds the flame.

Morning Masters is the premiere Personal growth and Well-being development program that moves you out of theory and into practice–because that is where real change happens.

As our founder says “Real Change requires an Exchange!”

So our 12 month+ program is where the real change begins. We take a 360 well-being approach that covers mental, emotional, spiritual (non-religious), and physical well-being through a neuroscientific and positive psychological lens. 

We’ll provide Group Coaching, Facilitating, and Expert-led Workshops to prioritize wellbeing and reach their personal and professional goals through consciously crafted morning routines and rituals. 

To learn more and bring The Morning Shift® to your organization, contact us below!